ATB Centre

arts & culture

Lethbridge, Alberta

The new ATB Centre in west Lethbridge is the first phase of the new City of Lethbridge Leisure Complex. This exciting new facility incorporates a twin NHL-size hockey and figure skating facility with a new 10-sheet curling ice. A nine meter wide central mall serves as the spine for the recreation facility which will connect into the larger Leisure Complex and allow access to the pool, field house and fitness centre facilities once complete. Also off of this central mall, the Lethbridge Curling Club operates a large commercial kitchen, serving the Club’s restaurant and lounge, as well as providing concession services to other ice facility users.

In a unique design move, the two-storey ice plant for the facility was located between the main entrances to both the hockey rinks and Curling Club to create a celebrated entry for patrons and visitors to the facility. Glazing around the ice plant allows the community to see “the works” of the facility and, in the evenings, the space is lit to mark the building entrances.