Catholic Central High School - Campus West


Lethbridge, Alberta

The CCHS Westside Campus in the new West Lethbridge Centre development is intended as a 600 student grades 10-12 High School, which will serve to supplement and expand the programs currently offered at Catholic Central High School in South Lethbridge. The Westside Campus delivers all the core classes required by Alberta Education with emphasis on sciences, and a CTS program focused on engineering design. A key component of the CTS programming is the video production and editing suite which allows students at this school to create and broadcast televised morning announcements throughout the school, as well as to their southside campus location on the other side of the city. The project is part of a joint complex between the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 4, Lethbridge School District No. 51, and the City of Lethbridge, addressing energy efficiency and cost effectiveness by combining two high schools, and a public library, into one combined structure; sharing a common site and site amenities, as well as a shared central mechanical system.