Dr. Ken Sauer School


Medicine Hat, Alberta

Dr. Ken Sauer School is a unique design that takes advantage of a beautifully landscaped site. Situated next to a dry pond seeded with wildflowers, the design incorporates an open Learning Commons and Learning Café that both look over the unique site.

Dr. Ken Sauer School provides an open, flexible and adaptable learning environment that supports the educational philosophy of the school district and school administration. The school design was developed around two classroom wings, a grades 1 to 3 wing and a grades 4 to 6 wing. To facilitate team teaching, each section has two sets of paired classrooms with movable walls. Each wing has an open Activity Commons where classes can break out for physical activity or larger group projects. Adjacent to each Activity Commons is a Maker Space functioning as a creative space for students to participate in Art and Science. Each Maker Space is connected to the Activity Commons by a movable partition allowing for additional flexibility.