Fort Macleod Schools Modernizations


Three existing school facilities in Fort Macleod were consolidated into two modernized facilities to deal with low utilization rates in the town. With input from Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Education, and Livingstone Range School Division, FWBA helped plan the most effective way to modernize the school facilities.

Through community partnerships the WA Day school received funding for a large gymnasium addition. WA Day is also now home to the Kids First Family Center which is a community program run by the town for young children. The Fitness Room, Gathering Space and Commercial Kitchen are all adjacent to the gym at FP Walshe and available for community events.

These schools are an example of how architecture can affect the social experience. These schools now enjoy a much stronger sense of community as large naturally lit gathering spaces, operable walls, and community partnerships provide the students and staff a place to come together in a convivial manner.