Magrath School Modernization


Magrath, Alberta

The Magrath School is a K-12 facility with two administrations and a capacity for 1,200 students. Originally built in 1952, the building has a long history which over the course of six additions, has created a very disjointed flow between sections and program areas with no student gathering area. The design intent was to create a more logical flow, promote it as a community hub and provide functional adjacencies to create a more enjoyable learning experience for students, staff and the community.

The main building has undergone a complete modernization of the mechanical and electrical systems, with new interior finishes throughout and reorganization of classrooms and amenities. FWBA worked closely with the client to address the needs of the students, this included the addition of operable walls between classrooms and major modifications addressing the fragmented design including the addition of two new Gathering Spaces, and a new 276-seat Blackbox theater.

Westwind School Division’s partnership with the Town of Magrath enabled significant additions to the school facilities including: consolidation of the public library and the school library into one Learning Commons in the school, an indoor-playground, the new theatre and a new Innovation Centre.

Architectural Woodwork Association of Canada (AWMAC)

2019 Southern Alberta Design Innovation Award Winner

Commercial Millwork Category