St. Anne's Haven

seniors care

Lethbridge, Alberta

St. Anne's Haven is a new 102-bed supportive living and dementia care facility in the Garry Station community in Lethbridge. The design ensures the facility will have maximum flexibility to adapt to a higher level of care as a senior's needs change, as well as enabling seniors to remain independent and active in their home community. Featuring large windows allowing plenty of natural sunlight the facility adopts a modern prairie design including pergolas and terraced garden spaces the enjoyment of the residents. Cozy, home-like groupings within the facility include dining, living, and therapy areas. And common areas include a family dining room, salon, and chapel with beautiful stained glass windows.

St. Anne was the grandmother of Jesus and the name embodies the traditional importance of the grandmother among many faiths, traditions and cultures. Anne means favour and grace and signals a place of blessing, welcome and acceptance.

Covenant Health - St. Anne's Haven