St. Michael’s Health Centre

health care

Lethbridge, Alberta

The St. Michael’s Health Centre in Lethbridge is a 210-bed continuing care centre using innovative planning principles featuring a series of 12-bed homes into neighbourhoods. The homes offer a residential, supportive environment that nurtures all aspects of daily living. The two-storey complex, includes a palliative care wing, and a series of varied outdoor courtyard gardens offering both contemplative and active outdoor space for the residents. Almost 10 years after completion the design is proving to be resilient and adaptable to evolving health care needs of the community. Portions of the health centre have been renovated and transformed to provide clinic space for the Post-Acute Rehabilitation Program, the Bridge Program (a joint program between Acute Geriatric Services and Home Care) and a short-term outpatient program called Geriatric Community Rehabilitation. FWBA Architects completed the original project with HealthDesign Group.