University or Lethbridge - UCA North Patio


Lethbridge, Alberta

The University of Lethbridge engaged FWBA Architects to participate in a planned maintenance and renewal project involving the replacement of concrete pavers over a large rooftop patio at the University’s Centre for the Arts. This north-facing patio had a history of being under-utilized by students and faculty, primarily because of its lack of amenities and north orientation. A key requirement was to work with, and be respectful of, a large public art installation which had been incorporated into the patio with the original construction of the Arts Centre. The design involves a series of raised precast concrete plinths conceived of a waves or snowdrifts across the patio surface. These plinths were stepped up in islands, and at multiple levels, to create seating, define walking paths, and incorporate planting to help make a more welcoming space. The project has been a success with the use of this space at all seasons having been greatly improved.