Veiner Centre

arts & culture

Medicine Hat, Alberta

The new Medicine Hat Seniors Centre reused, renovatee and expanded on the original Veiner Centre damaged in the Alberta flood of June 2013. This facility provides space where seniors can gather, socialize, learn new skills, maintain a healthy living standard and keep growing as individuals, all within the setting of a community environment. The facility is designed to be fully accessible, convenient, safe, welcoming and provide a supportive environment to ensure inclusiveness for every individual, group and community at large.

“FWBA Architects worked through a complex and challenging project of rebuilding a new Seniors Centre for our City after the flood devastation. Christopher Babits and his team listened carefully to the needs of the committee and the City, worked through numerous options and managed to synthesize diversity with a beautiful, unified architectural response. As a solution-oriented group they were accommodating, patient and professional every step of the way.

- Grant MacKay, Manager of Land & Business Support, Development and Infrastructure Division, The City of Medicine Hat