Susan Anderson

Senior Architectural Technologist, MSc, MCIAT, Job Captain

Dave Ankermann

Senior Technologist, Job Captain

Kayla Arbuckle

Interior Designer, BAID, NCIDQ

Christopher Babits

Architect, AAA, MRAIC, Principal

Carolina Berube


David Cocks

Architect, AAA, MRAIC, LEED AP, Principal

Sharmaine Cordero

Interior Design Technologist

Cheryl Dick

Managing Director, APR, MBA

Peter Drew

Senior Architectural Technologist, MCIAT, LEED AP, Associate

Louise Drysdale

Senior Architectural Technologist, MCIAT, BSc (Hons), Job Captain

Marilyn Elias

Finance Manager

Shaheeda Kamal

Project Design Assistant

Deanna Kerr

Marketing Coordinator

Christine Knitel

Project Design Assistant

Travis Lesmeister


Cory Mehler


Dwayne Miller

BIM Manager/Technologist

Kristen Moody

Intern Architect, AAA, MRAIC

Erin Nagata

Architect, AAA, MRAIC, LEED AP

Randy Ohlmann


Blake Palmer

Intern Architect, AIA

Garwin Poff


Jesse Potrie

Architect, AAA, MRAIC

Leah Schreiber


Cole Shanks


Jordan Stearne

Intern Architect, AAA

Janay Stenberg

Architect, AAA, MRAIC

Bryce Stickel


Gaye Takao

Administrative Assistant

Henry Warszawski

Senior Technologist, Associate

Dan Westwood

Architect, AAA, MRAIC, LEED AP, Principal

Theresa Yauck

Senior Interior Design Technologist, Associate

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About Lethbridge

Lethbridge is a vibrant, diverse city in Southern Alberta with a sustainable growth pattern, a nice pace of life and an excellent standard of living. Within one hour’s drive of the Rocky Mountains, the city is situated in a prairie landscape characterized by a dramatic river valley. With an established university, college and federal/provincial research stations, Lethbridge offers affordable housing and excellent arts, culture, sports and recreation. Check out for more about our city and region.

Lethbridge, Alberta

About Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta which is located in Western Canada. It is nestled in the Foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains and has many beautiful parks and rivers. The city is known for its friendly western hospitality and is a culturally diverse and thriving metropolis.

According to a survey published in 2007 by Forbes Magazine, Calgary was ranked the World’s Cleanest City by Mercer Quality Living. In addition to being a clean city with a high standard of living, we also have a relatively low crime rate when compared to other cities. Albertans are also known for being friendly and welcoming people.

The climate in Alberta allows residents to enjoy the benefits of warm summers and colder winters. Winter begins in December in Calgary, with spring coming at the end of March. Winters are cold and dry but fortunately we have regular Chinook winds that warm the city and give Calgarians temporary relief from the cold. The summer season is warm and dry and lasts from June until September.

View from a park overlooking the skyline Calgary during autumn

About Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat has always been a gathering place. Discover the valley and its waterways that attracted the Aboriginal peoples and the bison since ancient times. When the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in 1883, the town of Medicine Hat was born – supposedly named after a Cree medicine man’s lost headdress.

Tucked into the southeastern corner of Alberta on the Trans-Canada Highway, the prairie oasis of Medicine Hat is two and a half hours from Calgary. Don’t forget your sunglasses, you’re entering the sunniest city in Canada!

Medicine Hat