SAIT Donor Appreciation Monument

arts & culture

Calgary, Alberta

Awarded through a design competition, the donor wall in Calgary is a symbolic representation of the journey and transformation of a student. The installation is a corten steel frame and grating structure slipped into an existing grove of mature trees, located by the SAIT Central Commons. As a path leading to a point of new beginnings, it is a metaphorical point of opportunity. In many cases this is supported by those commemorated at the point of transition. Donor names are engraved on stainless steel bars welded into a weathered screen wall, at a point of gathering and celebration of opportunity. At other times, this is also a place of private contemplation, anticipating transition into the world beyond school with views of the city skyline. FWBA Architects completed the project in collaboration with the artist Carl Granzow. It was re-installed after the parkade was constructed and new trees replanted.